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K´áan Armchair

Our love for hammocks was the inspiration for the concept of K´áan Armchair. You will need a hammock wherever you are in the Yucatan Peninsula, and they are more than just accessories; they are used as beds, chairs, couches, cradles for babies and more. There is treasured hammock weaving tradition in our region, with a variety of styles using threads of different colors, shapes, thicknesses and textures. The piece incorporates hammock weaving into a comfortable and functional armchair, which can also be taken apart for ease of transportation and to minimize the carbon footprint. Small bronze bolts make assembly and disassembly easy, they also give the piece stability. When you combine the native tropical wood of southern Mexico with traditional weaving, you get something new, allowing us to enjoy the hammock experience in indoor and outdoor spaces.

dimensions | cm : L 87 x W 70 x H 85

finish : waxed

available in: Mahogany / $42,000 MXN

Black Cabbagebark, Mexican Ebony / $42,000 MXN


Wood is a natural and organic element. It will vary in color and grain according to each wood plank’s unique characteristics and applied finish. The image shows only one hue of many, making each chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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