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Sáasil chair

Inspired by the works of the master Luis Barragán, the Sáasil chair is honestly made with fine detailing. The light but solid structure creates a frame for the handwoven cotton or nylon thread seat. The piece brings together local talent and richness: the wood is local from the south of Mexico (Caribbean Walnut and Mahogany) and the craft weaving is made by a family from Bacalar. The weave is available in different colors.

dimensions | cm : L 53 x W 50 x H 82 

finishes : wax

available in: Tzalam or Caoba / $13,800 MXN


Wood is a natural and organic element. It will vary in color and grain according to each wood plank’s unique characteristics and applied finish. The image shows only one hue of many, making each chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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