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Ban Table

The table draws its inspiration from the work of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and from traditional Asian joinery. The structure is designed on the basis of joinery techniques, which make it possible to put it together and take it apart without the use of screws, nails, dowels or glue. The resulting table is extremely stable. The table is designed to highlight the subtle beauty of the joints used in ancient joinery. The glass table top ensures the lightness of the table while it lets you see all the details of the base. Designed for easy packing and transporting.

dimensions Table 01 | cm : L 175 x W 90 x H 74 / $55,000 MXN
dimensions Table 02 | cm : L 210 x W 90 x H 74 / $65,000 MXN
dimensions Table 03 | cm : L 295 x W 100 x H 74 / $82,000 MXN

finish : waxed

available in: Mahogany, Black Cabbagebark or Carribean Walnut


Wood is a natural and organic element. It will vary in color and grain according to each wood plank’s unique characteristics and applied finish. The image shows only one hue of many, making each chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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