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Ocum Dining Table

Table with a round top and three legs brought together with a clean and fine construction.

It boasts fine cabinetmaking with its very beautiful and precise joints and cuts. The bronze detail, a feature on the side of each leg, fastens the base and at the same time brings an exquisite touch to the piece as a whole.

dimensions Table 01 | cm : Ø 95 x H 75 / $55,000 MXN
dimensions Table 02 | cm : Ø 145 x H 75 / $74,000 MXN

dimensions Table 03 | cm : Ø 165 x H 75 / $85,000 MXN

finish : wax
available in : Tzalám or Mahogany


La madera es un material natural, orgánico. Su color y veta varían según las características singulares y el tipo de acabado de cada tablón. La imagen solo muestra una tonalidad de tantas, convirtiéndola en una pieza única.

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