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Ocum Side Table

The quest for the balance in the proportions, the simplicity of the basic shapes and the minimalist construction are the design bases of the Ocum side tables. Versatile side tables, whose covers can be removed from the bases to be used as service trays or centerpieces. This collection presents the tables in two sizes allowing them to be used independently or together to form a composition in which one table is nested under the other. The table tops are supported at three points on a detachable base formed by two elements that are crossed and joined with a small solid brass pin. The precision of its details allows to arm and disarm tables, facilitating their mobility. The sharp contrast between two different species of tropical wood, Mahogany and Katalox, and the bronze detail confer great character to the pieces. It is artisanal handmade on the lathe, which means a maximum degree of precision and concentration by the craftsmen.

dimensions Ocum Table 01 | cm : Ø 60 x H 45
dimensions Ocum Table 02 | cm : Ø 48 x H 55
finish : wax
available in: Tzalám or Mahogany and Katalox / $22,500 MXN


La madera es un material natural, orgánico. Su color y veta varían según las características singulares y el tipo de acabado de cada tablón. La imagen solo muestra una tonalidad de tantas, convirtiéndola en una pieza única.

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