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Cocom rocking chair

The design of this rocking chair draws its inspiration from the wicker rockers and armchairs traditionally woven in Yucatan. Nowadays, this tradition is fading away, along with the art of hand-weaving chairs. That's why the intention behind the design of the Cocom collection is to remember and reclaim that heritage.

The rocking chair has a simple and very lightweight structure. Its clean lines, with smooth and rounded edges, blend with the meticulous handwoven pattern. In this handwoven fabric, crafted by a family of artisans from Bacalar, the "partridge eye" technique is used with cotton or nylon thread.

This item is part of the Cocom Collection, where pieces merge tradition with modernity and elevate craftsmanship to its highest expression in terms of attention to detail. For its production, a wide variety of tropical woods endemic to southern Mexico are used, each of which gives the pieces not only a tropical vibe but also a unique and distinctive personality.

Chairs, armchairs, and rocking chairs are available with woven fabric in various colors.

Dimensions | cm : L 58 x W 65 x H 73

Finish: wax

Weaving: cotton or nylon
Available in: Mahogany, Tzalám / $28,500 MXN

Machiche, Katalox, Chechén / $36,000 MXN
Ziricote special edition / $78,000 MXN


Wood is a natural and organic element. It will vary in color and grain according to each wood plank’s unique characteristics and applied finish. The image shows only one hue of many, making each chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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