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Muna Stool

The design of the Muna Stool is based on smooth lines and rounded edges, with a solid yet light construction which brings out the joints in the wood using the techniques of traditional cabinetmaking.
An honest and simple structure supports the back and the seat, and their sculptural forms are highlighted by the fact they are handmade.


The chair is distinguished by a great depth of detail in the way it´s made.

dimensions stool 01 | cm : L 53 x W 52 x H 95

dimensions stool 02 | cm : L 53 x W 52 x H 110

finish : waxed

available in: Mahogany or Carribean Walnut / $17,500 MXN


Wood is a natural and organic element. It will vary in color and grain according to each wood plank’s unique characteristics and applied finish. The image shows only one hue of many, making each chair a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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